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The product is made of alkali-free glass cloth impregnated by epoxy resin by processing under heat and pressure. It has high dielectric and good mechanical properties.
Fire detection and alarm system consists of various numbers of devices working together to detect and alert people through alarm systems in case of emergency. These alarms automatically activated when it detects fire or heat. To know more visit our website
Name: Modified diphenyl ether laminated glass cloth board
Model: 350
The main components: modified diphenyl resin, E-glass cloth
Features and Uses: With heat resistance, excellent mechanical and electrical properties, suitable for H-class electrical and mechanical structure insulation components
Heat resistance level: H level
Executive Standard: XB 3017-84
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Name: Semiconductor laminated glass cloth board
Model: 3241
Main components: Epoxy phenolic resin, carbon black, E-glass cloth
Heat-resistant grade: B class
Executive Standard: Enterprise Standard
Features and Uses: With semiconductor performance, good mechanical, anti-corona material used in large motor slot
JBR Electronics provide addressable fire alarm system provides fire protection to complex structures like high rise buildings or factories etc. It alarms you when it addresses fire and you will get the time to run out from building.
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